Snow in Jerusalem

A couple feet of snow fell on Friday the 13th in Jerusalem, the most snow in some 100 years.

Apparently, folks came to Jerusalem from around the country to see snow, many of whom may never otherwise get a chance to see or touch snow in their lifetimes.  But with much of the population living at sea level, the highways leading to 2,500' elevation are serious mountain roads.  ...and some 2,000 cars became stuck on those approaches to the city!

Even Tel Aviv saw some white stuff, though mostly in the form of sleet.  Nonetheless, people were stopping their cars to touch the sleet/snow and take pics of this novel event.  Drivers crawled their vehicles through a couple of inches of sleet, not just out of an abundance of caution, but because they were busy gawking left & right at white covered roads.

Here's the scene on the Jerusalem approach road a full week later.