lucas_ridge_PC310012 - Version 2.jpg

Snow and ice come in many forms.

I was out for a snowshoe behind the house and started looking more closely at some of the ice forms.

Usually, the eye gravitates to the big patterns; snow drifting over fallen trees or hills monochromed by the snow & the dark landforms.

But looking at winter details yields a different view.

Patterns on this icicle 'tryptich' caught my eye hanging from a rocky bluff.

Sometimes looking behind reveals more than viewing head-on. When I looked behind a formation of icicles 'falling' from a ledge, I found a 'green room' with a fresh  icicle still in the process of forming; dripping down from the ledge above.


Rocky bluffs make for striking landscapes, the more so when trees and icicles counterpose one another.