Old dog, New tricks

Imagine my surprise today, when I heard from Oly that they're providing feature enhancements for my now, several year old camera, the E-M5!

It's great to see Olympus has not forgotten those of us using the original OM-D model and keeping us (somewhat) fresh with firmware updates.  Apparently, Oly is passing some of the new firmware from the just-announced O-M10 on to the original model.  

This is important to me for a couple of reasons;

  • I like, even prefer, to buy my gear from a company who will support me even after I've given them my money
  • Seeing a company pass new features back to older models, shows some level of care for the existing customer base.  As an existing, happy customer, this encourages me to evangelize the format (m43) and specifically this company to others. 
  • And all of this makes me likely to purchase again

Wonder what else might trickle down to older models? 


Dear E-M5 Owner,

Good news! Updated firmware is now available for your camera. Download the Olympus Digital Camera Updater to update your firmware for the following features.

Version 2.0
  • Small AF targetadded to the AF target settings.
  • ISO LOW (100 equivalent) expanded on the low sensitivity side.