Memorial Bridge in Fog

I'm so very thankful Apple hasn't followed the photography industry's madness toward more & more megapixels. 

Memorial Bridge - Portsmouth, NH

Memorial Bridge - Portsmouth, NH

This is an iPhone photo. No, not perfect, probably some grain and, if you pixel peep, likely some blurry or blotchiness. 

But this shot was just before nightfall, not dusk, I mean nightfall. Dusk had been well underway for quite a while. As if such low light is not enough challenge for a mobile phone camera, thick fog obscured both light and details. 

Nevertheless, the iPhone 6 camera, with those paltry 8 million (but 1.5 microns large!) pixels was able to resolve this dim scene into, for me at least, sweet shot. 

The Slowshutter app was able to give me a ⅓ second exposure to pull in the light at a relatively sane ISO 320, to keep the noise down. I have yet to look at or process my 'real' camera shots, taken with an Olympus E-M5 behind a Voigtlander 17mm, shot (manually of course) at ISO 200. 

Here's the thing;  since this shot may never reach a printer, how much better will the real camera version actually be for my purposes? And at 3264 pixels wide, it'll more than fill any monitor I use, even on the Retina MacBook. How much quality and resolution do I really need. After all, I'm really shooting for myself, not for others and certainly not professionally. 

We're rapidly getting to the point where even us photographic enthusiasts won't need to invest in higher end or prosumer gear.

Let's hope Apple keeps the photographic faith and doesn't jump on the ridiculous megapixel bandwagon. I can't believe this shot would have come out if I'd tried this on a tiny sensor crammed full of 20 million tiny pixels, the way so many other smartphones are marketed. 

It usually pays not to jump on the bandwagon and to do the right thing. Kudos to Apple for looking at photographic quality before pixels.