Autumn Through the Small Lens

I usually travel with my 'real' camera, an  Olympus OM-D.  Not today. 

I prefer to travel ultra lite, especially on short overnight business trips. Typically I bring my Oly with a small, lightweight lens. Usually this is the sweet little Oly 17. Not quite wide angle, but wide enough to capture enough of a scene for compositional context. ...and the 35mm equivalency of that lens is sort of a classic length anyhow. 


Today I decided to really travel light and forgo the 'real' camera, instead depending on my new iPhone 6. This thing is a really great camera.

 These foggy, early morning, grapevines caught my eye as I passed a vineyard on the way to the airport this morning. Sure, I edited this shot with Snapseed on my first flight. But the image the iPhone 6 captured was good to begin with; it shows nice detail and clarity.

With each new iPhone, I keep saying how much the camera has been improved over the previous model. ...and each time I ended up quitting that camera and moving back to the 'real' one. 

This time might be different. The sheer quality Apple is squeezing out of this tiny little sensor is phenomenal. I'm so  grateful the Apple product team did not succumb to the megapixel race. With the processing and hardware tech around this sensor, the images it produces are better than many real cameras were just a few years ago. 

This encourages me, and I'm sure many others, to use this as a first shooter. In fact on this trip, it's my only one. 

While we're at it, here's another autumn shot from the iPhone, also tuned a little by Snapseed. Look at the rich color and detail. That's not Snapseed making those attributes, merely enhancing them. It's just good image quality from a good camera. 


As you can tell, I'm thrilled with the IQ this produces.

But what do you think? Tried the iPhone 6 yet?